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I am selling my complete Hewlett Packard 141T based Spectrum Analyser System, 20Hz to 18GHz, together with all the accessories. After completing various design projects, I need to downsize my Workshop and create some space.

This has taken me quite a few years to collect and many hours to refurbish and test the equipment, accessories and system. I would much prefer to sell the whole system to another electronics enthusiast, rather than break it up and sell it all item by item on eBay.

Complete HP 141T based Spectrum Analyser System and Accessories
The HP141T System is a popular and versatile Spectrum Analyser as it is hardware controlled. HP Operating and Service Manuals are available for download. This means that: complicated software menus are not used; what you see on the display has not been synthesised; and the comprehensive Manuals provide long term maintainability. Spare parts are also available.

Plus there is a lot of technical support available on the Forum at HP-Agilent-Keysight-equipment@groups.io

First System 10MHz to 18GHz

HP 141T Display Section

HP 8555A RF Section

HP 8552B IF Section


HP 8444A Tracking Generator

HP 8445B Automatic Preselector
including Frequency Counter

Special Cables and Accessories:

HP 08444-60017 Cable (141T Aux A to 8444A 3rd L.O.)

BNC Cable (8555A 1st L.O. O/P to 8444A 1st L.O. I/P)

BNC Cable (8552B Scan I/P to 8444A Scan O/P)

2 HP 50Ω Terminations (8555A Ext Mixer & 2nd L.O. O/P)

HP 08445-60007 Cable (141T Aux B to 8554B Control I/P)

HP 08445-20022 Rigid N-Type Cable (8555A I/P to 8554B O/P)

N-Type Cable (8444A O/P to 8554B I/P)

HP 08553-60122 50Ω Termination (141T Aux A if 8444A not used)

Detachable Screen Polarising Filter

Second System 1kHz to 110MHz

HP 141T Display Section

HP 8553B RF Section

HP 8552B IF Section


HP 8443A Tracking Generator Counter

HP 1120A 500MHz Probe
(for high impedance measurements)

Special Cables and Accessories:

HP 08443-60009 Cable (141T Aux A to 8443A Control)

Extra Units

HP 8554B RF Section (100kHz to 1,250MHz)

HP 8556A LF Section (20Hz to 300KHz)
with Special Knob HP 08556-00013 for use with 8552B IF Section

HP 11592-60015 Plug-In Extender Assembly
(141T to RF or LF & IF Sections for maintenance)

HP 11592-60016 Inter-Connecting Cable
(between RF or LF & IF Sections for maintenance)


Paper HP Operating and Service Manuals for 141T, 8552B, 8555A & 8444A

All other Manuals are available as downloads, or I can supply them as .pdfs 

Spare Parts

Box of 141T Parts

Box of 8443A Parts

All the items are detailed with photographs on this website

Collection only from East Sussex UK

Any questions please ask

Sensible cash offers please

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