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I am selling my complete Hewlett Packard 8407A 8410C 8418A based Network Analyser System, 10MHz to 18GHz, together with all the accessories. After completing various design projects, I need to downsize my Workshop and create some space.

This has taken me quite a few years to collect and many hours to refurbish and test the equipment, accessories and system. I would much prefer to sell the whole system to another electronics enthusiast, rather than break it up and sell it all item by item on eBay.

HP 8407A Network Analyser System
10MHz to 110MHz
HP 8410C Network Analyser System
110MHz to 18GHz
The HP 8407A 8410C 8418A System is a popular and versatile Network Analyser as it is hardware controlled. HP Operating and Service Manuals are available for download. This means that: complicated software menus are not used; what you see on the display has not been synthesised; and the comprehensive Manuals provide long term maintainability. Spare parts are also available.

Plus there is a lot of technical support available on the Forum at HP-Agilent-Keysight-equipment@groups.io


HP 8405A Vector Voltmeter
Voltage and Phase measurement in high impedance circuits,
1MHz to 1GHz with 2 probes

HP 8407A Network Analyser
Mainframe with 2 input tracking receiver, reference and test channels,
10MHz to 110MHz
HP 8410C Network Analyser
Mainframe 110MHz to 18GHz

HP 8411A Harmonic Frequency Converter
For HP 8410C, Reference and Test Channels, Option 018
110MHz to 18GHz, APC-7 connectors

HP 8412B Phase – Magnitude Display
Plug-In for HP 8407A, HP 8410C and HP 8418A

HP 8413A Phase – Gain Indicator
Plug-In for HP 8407A, HP 8410C and HP 8418A

HP 8414A Polar Display
Plug-In for HP 8407A, HP 8410C and HP 8418A

HP 8418A Auxiliary Display Holder
Mainframe to take additional HP 8412B, HP 8413A or HP 8414A Plug-In

HP 8601A Generator Sweeper
Signal Generator, 100kHz to 110MHz (for HP 8407A)

HP 8620C Sweep Oscillator
Carrier Wave and Sweep Oscillator

HP 86222A RF Plug-In
10MHz to 2.4GHz (for HP 8620C)

HP 86290B RF Plug-In
2.0GHz to 18.6GHz (for HP 8620C)

HP 8750A Storage Normaliser
Digital Storage and Normalisation to view on an Oscilloscope

Special Cables and Accessories:

2 x N-type 50Ω Terminations (for HP 8411A)

2 x APC-7 to N-type Adaptors (for HP 8411A)

1 x HP 11667A Power Splitter
dc to 18GHz, N-type (for HP 8411A)

1 x HP 11652-60009 Power Splitter
100kHz to 110MHz, BNC (for HP 8407A)

1 x HP 8721A Directional Bridge
100kHz to 110MHz, BNC (for HP 8407A)

1 x Azur 8120-2208 Source Control Cable
(for HP 8620C to HP 8410C)

1 x Azur ACU109 Attenuator Control Unit (for HP 8418A)

1 x HP 08750-60034 Inter-connecting Cable (for HP 8412B to HP 8750A)


All Manuals are available as downloads, or I can supply them as .pdfs

Spare Parts

HP 8411A Harmonic Frequency Converter
Option 018, Maintenance Spare

HP 8412B Phase – Magnitude Display
Maintenance Spare

HP 8414A Polar Display
Maintenance Spare

HP 08410-60067 Extender Cable
(to extend Display Units out of Mainframes for maintenance)

All the items are detailed with photographs on this website 
Collection only from East Sussex UK 
Any questions please ask 
Sensible cash offers please 
Email me via Contact Me 
Thanks for looking