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I bought this 'faulty' and incomplete HP 3764A to strip down for spares. The original cost was $10,050 in 1987.

Front view showing missing top cover and printer
Rear view
The 3764A Digital Transmission Analyser is for analysing the error performance of high speed digital transmission systems. Three versions of the 3764A are produced, each being designed to fulfill different operating requirements. This flexible approach allows the 3764A to provide substantial benefits in a wide range of applications, from design and development to commissioning and maintenance.

•   Standard 3764A - this is a dedicated 140 Mb/s digital transmission analyser with pattern generation, error detection and error analysis capabilities. The error analysis provision includes error performance measurements for testing the proposed Integrated Services Digital Networks (ISDN).

•   Multiple frequency version - option 001 instruments provide the standard 3764A's measurement capability at the four main CEPT bit-rates of 2,8,34 and 140 Mb/s. This reduces the number of test sets required in multiple frequency environments.

•   Jitter version - in addition to the standard 3764A's measurement capability option 002 instruments also provide jitter generation and timing jitter measurement at 140 Mb/s. This offers a cost-effective solution to 140 Mb/s testing requirements.

Specifications Summary

Generator Section 
Clocks: internal clock 139.264 MHz; offset clocks + and - 15 ppm; external clock 1 kHz to 170 MHz. Data outputs: CMI format at 139.264 Mb/s; Binary RZ or NRZ from 1 kb/s to 170 Mb/s, ECL levels, 75 ohm unbalanced. Patterns: PRBS 2'''-1; WORD, 1 to 16-bit fully programmable; ALT WORD, two 1 to 8-bit programmable words, crossover rate controlled by external signal; AIS, "all ones" pattern.

Receiver Section
Recovered clock: 139.264 ± 3 Mb/s. Binary clock: 1 kHz to 170 MHz. Data inputs: 75 ohm Terminated mode: Monitor mode; Binary, RZ or NRZ, ECL levels; External Error, ECL levels. Measurements Performed Error performance: % Availability, % ER <= N, % EFS. Errors: Error Ratio, Error Count, Error Seconds, Error Free Seconds.  
Options 001: four internal frequencies and 002: jitter generation and measurement.

Internal Printer
Any combination of analysis parameters can be selected for printing.

[HP Catalog 1984]

Top and bottom views with covers removed
There is some minor damage internally, probably from a previous repair attempt, and possibly 3 missing pcb's although they may be for options not fitted. Just for once I won't try and repair this test equipment! It will be stripped down for spares, especially ECL parts, and any unwanted parts will be added to my items For Sale page which may help someone else.

January 2010

All dismantled to assembly level. For details see HP 3764A Parts.

March 2017

After a long wait, finally managed to buy a complete hardback Service Manual on eBay (thanks Hugh).  This includes: Section I General Information; Section II Installation; Section IV Performance Test and Operational Verification; Section V Adjustment Procedure; Section VI Replaceable Parts; Section VII Manual Changes; Section VIII Service.  Section III Operation is not included. All in very good condition. This will help to identify all the parts for spares use.